High End Stadium-Quality PA Kit - 2 Speakers


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This PA System Kit is ideal for a baseball diamond "press box" install. The Atlas FS12T-BT60 stadium speakers deliver very crisp clear audio for both voice announcing and music.

Extremely high quality PA sound system with 2 Full Range Atlas Stadium Speakers. Designed for both music and voice with crystal clear clarity. Includes:

1 X Commercial Mixer / Amplifier Combo delivering 240Watts @ 70V, with 3 microphone inputs and 2 aux inputs
2 X Atlas FS12T-BT60, Stadium Speakers. Extremely high quality speakers, fully weatherproof with 12" incorporates a 12" LF driver and 1" HF driver concentrically mounted to a high-directivity waveguide. Speakers come with mounting brackets.
1 X Nady Systems Dual Channel Wireless Microphone System with one hand and one hands free microphone.
1 X 500 FT Direct Burial / UV Resistant Speaker Wire.
1 X Audio patch cable for music or sound effects input.
1 X Bluetooth Adapter

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