Does your company accept school and business Purchase Orders?

YES, we would need a official signed copy of the purchase order emailed or faxed to us. After confirmation, we will ship product and invoice to your organization.


Do the speakers come with mounting brackets?

YES, All speakers in our PA System “kits” come with mounts. Most mounting brackets are bundled with the speakers and can be mounted to a wall or pole. If you should purchase individual Weltron PRO-100 or PRO-200 speakers alone, they do not include mounting brackets.


How do I connect the speaker wire to the speakers?

All speakers will have a connecting method included, either screw down connectors, binding post or plug in “speakon” connections. With screws and binding post, you will simply strip a short area of the wire insulation and place the bare wire under the attachment point.

If the speaker has female “speakon” connector points, we will provide a male “speakon” pigtail connector that has bare wire on the end for connecting your speaker cable with wire nuts (twisted connection).


How high should we mount the speakers above ground level or stadium audience level?

In most cases, we recommend mounting speakers about 14 to 16 feet above the ground and then angle them downward about 10 degrees. In a stadium seating area the same is true but the 14 to 16 feet is measured above the average head level in the audience horizontally along the bleachers.


Are the speakers weatherproof, can we leave the speakers outside all year?

If the speaker or PA “kit” is advertised in our “outdoor” categories, then the speakers are fully weatherproof and can be left outside all year around.



My speakers have a dial or several screw connections and in some cases several wires to connect to. How do I know what to connect to or where to set the dial?

With a 70V system, the speakers have a variable power transformer at each speaker. The transformers have several power consumption settings, therefore you will need to decide on what power consumption to use or connect to. If the speaker has a dial, then connect you speaker wire to the screws or binding post and then select a value with the dial OTHER than the 4 or 8 ohm setting. In most cases you would need to select something line 30W (watts).

If the speaker has separate screws for the consumption level, you will simply connect your speaker wire to COM and 30W screws, BLACK to COM and RED to 30W.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Do NOT select 8 ohm or 4 ohm with a 70V system, this could damage the speaker, only USE one of the provided wattage taps like --> (15W, 30W, 60W) and so on.


How long can I run speaker wires?

With our PA system kits, we utilize what is known as a 70 volt audio signal. With 70 volt audio, the speaker wire runs can be very long (hundreds of feet) on a relatively small wire (16gauge).
200 and 300 feet speaker wire runs are not unusual. If your wire run distance is over about 300 feet, then we would suggest using a larger wire gauge (14 gauge). All of our kits included speaker wire is 16 AWG (gauge).


Can I “daisy chain” from speaker to speaker with my wire, or do I need to run speaker wires out to each speaker from my amplifier equipment?

With the 70 volt audio signal, you can daisy chain from speaker to speaker. At each speaker, we recommend making up a short “pigtail” about 12 inches long. Simply cut a foot long section of speaker cable, strip the insulation on each end, then connect one end to the speaker and the other end simply “wire nut” together your incoming, outgoing and pigtail wires.


In my case, the speakers are in different directions from the amplifier, can I make separate wire runs to each speaker?

YES, this is fine. If you make separate wire runs, then simply make a “pigtail” wire to connect to the amplifier, then just wirenut your separate speaker wires in parallel to the pigtail, (reds to reds and blacks to blacks) wire colors in parallel.

PA System Size Questions:

We have a little league baseball field that needs a PA System. What PA “Kit” would be best for our field?

By far our best selling system for a little league baseball field is the “Medium PA Kit” that includes four cabinet style speakers, amplifier, wireless microphone and everything needed to install and get up and running.
Here is a link to that system!


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