32x24x16 120VAC 20A Steel NEMA Enclosure for UPS Power Systems with Heavy Duty 19" Wide 8U Rack Frame, Dual Cooling Fans, 20A Power Outlets & Power Cord

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  • Dual Thermostat Controlled Cooling Fans
  • (4) 120VAC 20A Outlets
  • Pre-Wired 20A Power Cord with 3-Prong Plug
  • Heavy Duty Continuous Seam Welded 18 Gauge Steel Construction
  • Includes Heavy Duty Steel 19" 8U Rack Frame with Adjustable Depth
  • Vented Rack Frame Design Ensures Maximum Air Flow Around Installed Equipment
  • Dual quarter-turn door latches with key
  • Bonus Aluminum Bottle Opener Key Now Included!
  • Epoxy polyester textured light gray powder coat finish
  • NEMA Type 3R, 3RX / IP24 Rated
  • 19" Rack Mountable UPS Power Systems
  • Indoor / Outdoor 20A Electrical and Electronic Equipment
  • Rack Mountable 20A Audio/Video Equipment
  • Ethernet Switches
  • Networking Equipment
  • Industrial Controls and Components
  • Security and Surveillance Systems
  • Outdoor use of Indoor Equipment
  • Protection of Equipment from Theft or Damage


The NS322416VFA1C-20A-R8U 19" Rack 8U Steel Fan Cooled Weatherproof NEMA Enclosure with 120VAC 20A Power and Equipment Plate is ideal for protecting rack mountable UPS power systems as well as other 20A electronic equipment from harsh environments and tampering. Equipment designed for indoor use can now be located outside.

Construction and Features
This rugged enclosure features continuous seam welded 18 Gauge (1.2mm thick) steel construction. The enclosure door is fully gasketed making this enclosure suitable for use indoors or outdoors. The door features reinforced hinges and dual quarter-turn latches to secure the enclosure. Internal grounding studs are provided on both the door and enclosure.

Both the enclosure and door are finished in a rugged epoxy polyester textured light gray powder coat finish.

Bonus Aluminum Bottle Opener Key
This enclosure now includes our HN-0008 Aluminum Bottle Opener Key. A $9.99 value, this heavy duty aluminum door locking key easily attaches to most key chains. And it makes a great bottle opener too!

120VAC 20A Removable Power and Fan Module
The NS322416VFA1C-20A-R8U features a removable power and fan module that attaches to the bottom of the enclosure. Constructed of rugged aluminum, this can be easily removed for servicing and is fully gasketed to ensure a proper seal. This power module features two pre-wired duplex 120VAC 20A power outlets (4 outlets total) and a pre-wired 20A 5 foot power cord with a 3-prong plug, so no additional wiring is required

Dual Cooling Fans Ventilation
This enclosure features dual 3" vents and dual thermostat controlled cooling fans. The low noise, high airflow fans helps maintain lower internal temperatures by allowing air to be either pushed or pulled through the enclosure. The fans turns on when the internal temperature reaches 100°F (38°C) and turns off when it drops to 79°F (26°C). Both fans are wired internally so it does not require the use of the AC outlets leaving them available for internal equipment use.

Internal 8U 19" Equipment Rack Frame
The NS322416VFA1C-20A-R8U features a standard 19" 8U equipment rack frame with adjustable depth. It is designed to accommodate a wide range of equipment such as network switches, rack mount audio/video equipment and most other rack mountable equipment. Featuring heavy duty powder coated 15 gauge steel construction, the vented design of this 8U rack frame ensures maximum air flow around installed equipment. The rack frame mounts to a 18 Gauge (1.2mm thick) galvanized steel plate which can also be drilled and modified by the installer to unique site requirements.

Installation Note: Once installed in the enclosure, this 8U rack has an adjustable depth from 12.3" (313.7mm) to 14" (355.6mm). Before ordering please check the dimensions of the equipment to be installed to ensure proper fit.

Mounting holes are provided inside the enclosure for mounting to a wall or other structure. For pole mounting Acoustic Bay has available optional pole mount kits. These heavy-duty kits feature (2) 14 gauge steel mounting brackets and (2) heavy-duty 19 gauge 304 stainless steel adjustable bands which can be used to mount to poles from 4.5" (114.3mm) to 16" (406.4mm) in diameter.

Cable Glands
The enclosure features two unique PG-16 cable glands with a closed inner seal. They are installed in the open ports to maintain the NEMA rating of the enclosure when not in use. When required for use, simply punch a hole through the inner membrane, run your cables and tighten for a water-tight seal.

Optional Lockable Latches
For additional protection of internal equipment installed, two lockable latches are available. The HN-0005 is a keyed lock set which includes two keys. The HN-0006 allows the enclosure to be securely locked via use of a padlock (not included). Both the HN-0005 and HN-0006 are direct replacements for the standard quarter-turn latches that come pre-installed in the enclosures.

This enclosure is one of many standard models available. Our lineup includes enclosures specifically tailored for WiFi equipment, DIN Mount Industrial Controls, POTS Telephones, IP Phones, Device Charging Stations, Security & Safety Equipment, Building & Home Automation and More.

We offer numerous standard models and options including equipment mounting plates, DIN rails, AC or DC power, air vents, cooling fans and heaters and more. We also offer full customization, engineering and on-site CNC machining of enclosures and associated equipment, all with quick turnaround time. Please contact us with your unique requirements.

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